EUROIJADA 2017 – the strongest European student sport tournament will held in Paris from 3rd to 6th of November! You can ask for application table in our contact page:

PRIZE FOR ALL GOLD MEDAL EUROIJADA PARIS 2017 WINNERS is 7 free places (for group sports teams) and 1 free place (for individual sports) in EUROIJADA middle East qualification tournament in beautiful Beirut, Lebanon! BEIRUT UNISPORT FESTIVAL is waiting for you :)))

– futsal men gold winner team                7 places
– futsal women gold winner team          7

– basketball men gold winner team       7

-basketball women gold winner team   7

– volleyball men gold winner team         7

– volleyball women gold winner team   7

– handball men gold winner team         7

– handball women gold winner team     7

– table tennis men + women gold winners  1+1
– tennis men + women gold winners            1+1

– cheerleader gold medal winners         7 places

Good luck!


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